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I am going to try so hard to be active again. But I get a lot of confessions and it’s SO hard and SO overwhelming to do it all on my own. :( But I’ll try!~Annabella

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Get Ashton to follow @MiniAsh_5SOS



Zackary is a 4 year old boy who is a major 5SOS fan! Ashton inspires him to drum and to be himself. Ashton inspires Zack so much that Zack wants to be Ash when he grows up.

Zack has Sensory Processing Disorder which as you can imagine has it’s challenges for Zack and his family. It can be really hard for everyone at times but 5SOS and more so, Ashton changes everything for him. They make him happier and calmer. He also hasn’t had a night terror since his mommy started playing 5SOS music as he falls asleep at night. This is just one example of how 5SOS has completely changed this little boy’s life for the better.

He’ll also try to copy the beat of Ashton drumming in a 5SOS song or an Ash Vocal Demo and copy the beat on his own drum kit.

Zack enjoys dressing like Ashton head to toe. He calls himself Mini Ash even. He loves 5SOS and Ashton so much. After the iTunes fest, he told his mommy he was “Proud of Ashton.” Ashton has such an influence on this little boy. All he asks is for a follow from his idol, it’d make him the happiest little boy ever.

So please, Ash…follow him?

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What if you know your twitter username but don’t have the same email or phone number anymore and you don’t know your password anymore? How do you get access to your account?

Is it possible?

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Because of Larry, I’m going to get Things I Can and Things I Can’t tattooed on my arms and It Is What It Is on the side of my right arm”

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I completely respect One Direction’s music and everyone’s music taste to the furthest extent but, when it boils down to it, I’m not a fan of anything on the radio. I’m much more of a punk rock/classic rock person. I highly enjoy about 3 songs by 1D, though. I don’t even know how I ship Larry without even being in the fandom. I love the ship so much. They just look like the perfect embodiment of love and I can’t help but call them my OTP of OTPs.

Isn’t it a bit funny how most Larry shippers are the older mebers of the fandom (16+), people who aren’t in the fandom at all, people who have been in the fandom longest (since 2010/2011) and the gay members of the fandom?

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I think Louis isn’t gay. He’s just heterosexual + Harry. I mean, he likes girls, but Harry is the only boy he will ever love. Forever and always.

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I don’t understand some of the hate on Eleanor…I mean, she’s lucky! Who would love being paid for going out with Louis Tomlinson? She gets free coffee and clothes just for…walking around with him. Who wouldn’t like it? She’s lying, but it’s not her fault, it’s Modest fault. It’s just her job. An…awesome job, I think.

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Although I believe in Larry, I think that the majority of people read too much into certain stuff that happens. I mean, you see all the boys acting a certain way or doing certain things for each other (i.e. fixing each others clothes) but when Louis does it to Harry- ‘oooh, it must mean they’re in love.’

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I think that Zayn and Harry have experimented on each other in the post. On a drunken night or something.

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This is Zack...



He’s four. He’s my best friends son and he loves 5SOS with all his heart. He loves Ashton the most because he wants to be a drummer when he grows up like Ashton is now. He also has Sensory Processing Disorder, which as one can imagine makes his life and his families life very challenging and…

If you could all reblog this, I’d really appreciate…it’s not 1D or Larry, but it needs to be seen and heard. If you don’t mind, please?

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To anyone reading my blog who feels like they don’t belong:



There is a place for you somewhere out there. And no matter what, you will always belong here, on this blog and in my heart. <3

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Less than 5k followers now until I reach my goal of 10k on this blog.

I’m having an emotional day so lemme just tell you how I feel about all of you.

I’ve had this blog for a year and a half, worked hard it on, taken a lot of criticism and hate too. I didn’t know how to deal with it at first, never experienced anything like it in my life before then. I learned to adapt, when to listen and when to ignore and when to not be so sarcastic about things. Reading through the confessions we received here, I’ve gotten so many different perspectives on Larry (and even Ziam too!) and thought in ways that I would have never thought if it wasn’t for your confessions. It’s made me a better believer of Larry’s love and reality and most importantly of it’s realty. I have never once in my whole Larry Shipper life span have I ever doubted Larry and reading what you think about about them just strengths that even more for me.

They’ve been through more than what we could ever imagine. Hell and back and back to hell again and currently there now too. I feel deeply for them because people should be more open and accepting but they’re not and that’s just the way the world is right now. It’s not even the music industry, it’s everything…it’s in everyday life and even in sports.

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Whether they were ever romantic or not, it makes me sad that Harry and Louis aren’t as close on camera as they used to be. 

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I’m rooting for the day Harry and Louis can come out and be happy, and show their love for each other on camera like they used to.

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